Children and Climate Change

Help for Children and Climate Change

Many projects were underway to work with children and climate change. These included crips pack recycling, oil bin collections for pringles tubs, polytunnel gardening and building, creating films. And for parents, we ran events like How to Talk with Kids about Climate Change.

Hopefully we’ll be able to get more projects running soon.

Plastic Free July – Week 4 – Kids

How can we reduce plastic in our kids lives? From fruit shoots to healthy water, from sweeties to comics. Read more about plastic free kids here. And, please do pop over to the Planet Sutherland FB page to share your thoughts and ideas.

How to talk with Kids about Climate Change

On Weds 24th June, 7.30-8.30pm 2020 – We had a talk on Anya Hart Dyke from Fife has spent several years finding inventive and fun ways to talk with kids about climate change. We’re sure to find new ways to keep kids occupied during the summer too.

Find out about what the event was about and for some ideas on talking with children about climate change – this is particularly aimed at 4-8 year olds.

Climate Change Film (Preview) created by Golspie High Geography class.  

The first online class session took place on Thurs 4th June. The whole project will be run by the pupils from content ideas to delivery. Various topics are under discussion including What is Climate Change and How can we Stop it to practical actions ranging from walking more, growing food and composting at home. Please contact Anna here or Sam Machin, the school Geography Teacher here if you’d like to work on a similar project with your school (or youth) team. Read more about The Golspie High Film project and Watch the film here.

Here’s an interesting study on how making films to study topics is actually beneficial, rather than desstracting from main stream leaning –

Educational Resources – How to build climate and global learning into the curriculum and loads of exciting projects – some fantastic social enterprise ventures being run in schools – Eco Schools at Home

Practical Projects for Kids

The Lairg Learning Centre has had an amazing response for its Rainbow Garden Project. It’s full up now, but if you want to know more and sign up for a hopeful expansion, you can find out more here – Lairg Learning Centre Rainbow Garden Project (FB)  or email Sarah here to find out more.