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We are a welcoming group of folks who are simply aiming to create a more resilient, just and sustainable future. We do this via community based projects and initiatives that help us all to make changes to reduce our impact on Global Warming. Of course we are living in difficult times and Climate Change is a truly hard concept to deal with. However, we’ve found that working together and taking action – doing stuff – is the best way to help us feel happier and less stressed. Join us at our Carbon Cafes and our on line groups to talk about the Climate Crisis, discuss the issues and, most importantly, have some fun. Read about our Mission and Values here. Join Planet Sutherland Here.

Our Climate Projects

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What is Global Warming?

Basically, the Climate Crisis is the result of the warming effect of all the greenhouse gases (Carbon Dioxide etc) that are in the atmosphere. It’s considered that the increase in greenhouse gases started at the time of the industrial revolution. C02 stays in the atmosphere for hundreds of years and the rate of increase is exponential. The goals therefore are to slow or stop the increase. Governments and innovative businesses are working on initiatives and inventions to help to reduce the global average temperature increase. However, the scale of the problem is such that we all need to think about how we utilise the planet’s finite resources and consider what we can all do to change how we live, and how we can live sustainably.

What Can We Do?

Sometimes it seems that there’s no point in individual small change, but it truly all adds up. For instance, if we all turn our central heating down by just 1 degree, we can not only save money but also each save 300kg of C02. It doesn’t seem much, but multiplying that up by the whole UK population creates a significant impact. Truly, we won’t notice the difference. Look here to see our 10 simple easy steps to help climate change.

Where Do I Start?

The hardest thing to grasp with such a huge, complex and difficult problem is where to start. So many aspects are interrelated and there are literally hundreds of things we could do. Talking about climate change can help, but then we frequently run into disagreement or feel that some changes are too hard to bear – and – the overall topic is too much to bare!

So, where and how do we actually move forward? Simply by taking one step. Making one small change and feeling good about that, can help us move on to the next step, and the next. Turn the heating down, take a walk outside, plant some lettuce, read about one topic. In short, doing something, makes us feel better.

Watch our Take One Step Movie to find our more.

Planet Sutherland Take One Step Movie

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