Farm Plastic Recycling

If you are a farmer or crofter in Sutherland, please fill in our survey – extended to 9am Mon 3rd Aug. Thanks.

  ?  Farm and Croft Plastic Recycling Survey

Farm Plastic Recycling

One of the business initiatives that we are working on is Farm Plastic Recycling in Sutherland.
The recycling of farm / croft plastic is a difficult in Sutherland and other rural areas. The recycling companies that are available in Scotland do not provide cost effective solutions for Sutherland.

This document summarises the outcome of our investigations up to 24/2/20. We had hoped to get a project going with Interface, who work with academia, but sadly, with Covid etc, that wasn’t feasible. We will however be progressing with this again at the start of the new term.

However, in the mean time, we are really happy to have engaged with another initiative run through SAGES and have a couple of students working with us now. We’ve been getting into a bit more detail and are currently running a confidential survey.

If you are a farmer or crofter in Sutherland, please fill in our

  ?  Farm and Croft Plastic Recycling Survey here.

(Sorry we are restricting this to Sutherland at the moment, but hopefully the results will be useful for other rural areas too.)

Should you wish to discuss this project or indeed, take part in helping to find solutions, please do contact Planet Sutherland here.