Future Communities Highlands and Islands

Building Resilient and Sustainable Communities Together

Many great climate and environmental groups exist in the Highlands and Islands of Scotland. In the beginning, as we started to learn about each other, it became apparent that not only were our local goals similar, but we were running similar events, all working hard on our own and many times asking the same speakers to talk to us. With so much to do, it seemed most sensible to start working more closely together. And, after a few initial conversations, Future Communities Highlands and Islands was born.

Now a well established network, we meet once a month on zoom to share what we’ve all been up to, talk about and plan joint ventures and to spread out the news on what’s going on with the other key network groups in the region (Highland Adapts, the Highlands and Islands Climate Hub, The Highland Good Food Partnership and The Highland Waste Partnership). Our main purpose, of course, is to help to get the message out to more people that: working together to save the planet can be fun and everyone can be involved.

Any organisation that wants to work together, pulling resources, sharing knowledge and running joint events from time to time is welcome to join us.

You’re welcome to join us here

We have members who join us on occasion, but the key groups at the moment are
Assynt Development Trust
Highland Adapts
Highland Council, Growing Our Future
Highlands and Islands Climate Hub
Lochaber Environmental Group
Planet Sutherland
Skye Climate Action
Transition Black Isle
Velocity Cafe and Bike Shop