Greening Your Business

Doing anything with business is very hard just now. Many are struggling for survival. But reviewing your business through a “Climate Lens” can help you to think differently about all the resources your business uses. Not only will you benefit from your green business credentials but you’ll save money too!

We’ve have an Eco Business Survey and run face to face and on line workshops with Zero Waste Scotland. Hopefully we’ll run more helpful talks in the year to come.

This information is relevant for businesses but also any charities or groups or associations who would benefit from considering changes to benefit the climate issues.

Why Green Your Business?

greening your business

Environmental business improvements (and our journey to net zero) are being hampered by a number of factors including: cost implications; not having time; geographical difficulties; and not knowing where to start. Of course, others may feel that the climate change and recycling issues are simply impacting on our ability to just – get on with our business!

But, would you like to:

  • Save Money
  • Improve your business / charity / group resource efficiency
  • and Save the planet?

Who wouldn’t!

Perhaps you’re thinking there’s nothing we can do? Perhaps you’re just wishing there was something you could do but don’t see how? Or, of course, perhaps you’re thinking there isn’t a problem…
Either way, we’re all interested in saving money. Did you know for instance, that for resource efficient changes, you can get an interest free loan and 15% cash back and save money overall? It’s really exciting that changes applied to business, essentially for climate reasons, actually end up saving us money too!
We’d love to hear from you so that we can better understand the views and thoughts of businesses around here. And so, we have developed this wee Eco Business Survey.

Greening your Business Survey

We’d be really grateful, therefore, if you’d fill in this short survey – it will only take a couple of minutes.

And you can read the 2020 Planet Sutherland Eco Business Survey Results here.

As part of our Eco Business Project, we run talks from Resource Efficient Scotland. One really useful service they offer is to carry out individual Resource Opportunity Assessments with a view to improving business sustainability and reducing costs. They look at the business holistically and there are many beneficial possibilities. The talks introduce and share the many potential improvements including specific case studies and information on the available savings, loans and cash-back options.

However, it’s also true that there are significant advantages to be gained from reviewing our business practices. Not only can we benefit from the marketing benefits of increasing our green credentials, but we can also save money and help the planet by reducing our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts.

What the Talks include

  • Learn how to get a free energy report
  • Hear about various helpful resources, training and guides
  • Find out about the available grants and funding opportunities
  • Identifying many resource saving opportunities
  • Learn how to benefit from measuring and monitoring energy usage
  • Consider various waste management improvement opportunities
  • Hear about the benefits of reviewing transport options including Electric Vehicles and charge points.

The events incorporate interactive exercises to help convey the concepts, improve understanding and initiate broad business improvement ideas.

About the presenter: Ryan Felber is the Local Implementation Advisor for Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficient Scotland programme based in Inverness. Ryan has over 5 years experience supporting organisations to reduce their carbon emissions and identify costs savings in access of £440,000 annually. Ryan is originally from a hospitality background which enables him to understand the numerous challenges small business face in particular those in more rural and off grid locations. Ryan is passionate about reducing his own carbon foot print in relation to food and food waste, plastic usage, transport and energy efficiencies.

Resource Efficient Scotland, launched in 2013, is a programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, which is funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund. The programme offers free advice and technical support as well as the sharing of best practices and new technologies. Embedding resource efficiency within Scottish organisations makes a significant contribution to the achievement of the Scottish Government’s strategic economic objectives, climate change, energy efficiency and zero waste targets. Each year over 34,000 individuals from a range of organisations access the programme for support from the Resource Efficient Scotland Advice and Support Services

Find out more about the benefits of greening your business: