Why did Planet Sutherland originate?

Planet Sutherland essentially came to life following a personal crisis. I could do nothing and stay depressed. Or I could do something. The choice was easy, really. And, boosted and helped by some very encouraging and supportive friends (for ever thankful), we got off the ground.

Why a climate group?

Well, there are so many of us going about our already stressful daily lives, trying to do a little here and there, but then being faced with questions like – Why bother? What’s the point? What can I do when the governments don’t do anything and many major countries and businesses are supporting industries that cause so much pollution?

It’s just so depressing.

The planet is in crisis. Massive change is needed. But, how helpless do we feel when we think that there’s nothing that we can do?

Fortunately, I managed to go along to a Carbon Literacy Workshop at the Lairg Learning Centre, run by the now sadly stopped, Energy Advice Savings Team at The Kyle of Sutherland Development Trust. We all started the workshop saddened, confused and depressed. We all left the workshop with hope!

After mulling over things for a while considering where I could take this, I started Planet Sutherland.

The aim is to build a network of local groups where individuals can support and help each other to make changes, small and large. We’ll feel better because we are doing something. We’ll have more confidence in taking larger steps, should we wish to go there.

The format of the group is very fluid and who knows where it may go. The journey has just begun. Local Groups, Community and business initiatives, sharing info and news… school projects… One day, when we reach our destinations, this won’t be needed. But we’ll be sure to have lots of fun on the journey.

I’m truly grateful for the support of friends who have helped to get this off the ground, I really do feel much more positive.

Yes indeed, we need countries, governments and business to change. Now. Not in 5 years time. But we can’t all just sit around and wait for things to change. We all know that. Honestly we do.

You can join us in many ways and in many places. There is no pressure to take on more that you want to. Simply join us for a coffee or browse the facebook group now and then.

I hope this helps you as it is helping me – and the planet!