Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our mission is to encourage everyone living and working in Sutherland to fully grasp the environmental challenges that we are facing and to inspire change that will improve the resilience of Sutherland and help with Scotland’s Climate Change Targets.

Our Values


We are a welcoming and friendly group. We value all individual viewpoints, encouraging honesty, compassion and cooperation. We proactively encourage constructive conversation where viewpoints differ, aiming to find common ground.


We encourage mutually beneficial synergies both within and out-with the organisation. Working together, sharing knowledge and inspiration, strengthens the outcomes of our individual goals and improves collective resilience. Read more about our Working Together plans here.


In our ever changing and challenging world, building personal and community resilience will help us to swiftly adapt and cope with difficult situations.


Fulfilling our mission and vision necessitates facing up to hard facts that can be difficult to bear. We develop enjoyable initiatives that focus on positive engagement and action.